New Year and turning 15

 Guys!!! We are in 2017 (see how I wrote it correctly,you should be proud!) Well,we are finally in January and this month is my favourite and also my birth month.But can I be brutally honest with ya...I hate birthday celebrations and what not.
 It all started when I was born,my mom was in the delivery room all alone and the rest of my family was nowhere to be found,fast forward a few years and there I was enjoying my birthday alone with a lot of adults.
 Around the age of 8 years old my parents tried to do an actual party for my birthday but O
I hated the place they had rented and yeah,on my 9 years old birthday they rented the exact same place and I hated it again.
 And I haven't had a birthday party (A PROPER ONE) ever since!
 I'm turning 15 (as I'm writing this) in 45 minutes.I was born on 15th January 2002. This year my birthday week was no different,I won't be having a party tomorrow (15th January 2017) and I won't be doing s*** to celebrate it and being honest I don't even care.I'm not excited nor happy but this my situation.
 Recently a friend of mine told me "If you are going through hell keep going" and that is what I'm going to do! 

Me earlier today

Anyways I will talk to you guys tomorrow,stay save
Love you xx,