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The velvet everythang

 Let's bring it back,but like way back,back into the 70's 80's and 90's!
The era in which bigger was always better (we're now reliving this!!!! ALELUIA!!) But Back to my point,those were some amazing years we lived in fashion,we had sequins,big shoulders,strappy dresses pared with tees,high waisted jeans,...and yeah!!...velvet,we had velvet! 
 Velvet,the sweet,soft,aesthetically and fisically pleasing velvet! It was big and now one failed to see just how amazing it was.
 And now,a few years later,here we are pleasing or hopes and dreams wearing velvet everythang! 

Velvet is everywhere and it just makes my soul so happy! It doesn't matter if you where it in a choker or in a cool lingerie top,velvet is here to stay and damnnnnn...I ain't mad,I ain't mad at all! 

Yours truly wearing a velvet top

Well now I gotta go,but I assure you I could sit here and talk about velvet all day!