My dear Chanel,

 Finally starting with the fashion part of my blog I decided to talk to you about my big love for one of the biggest fashion houses,Chanel!
 As any other "fashion girl" (laughs in spanish,I know) the love a have for this brand is HUGE (Caps Lock need it).
 My grandmother,when younger,worked for a designer and we can say I got it from her!She teached me alot about fashion.But the best thing I learned was that Chanel was a HUGE fashion house (and there tweed jacket is/was amazing).And she used to dress in H to T Chanel.
 I grew up to love this,and I obviously do! My take on this?!Chanel is a huge house and it's timeless and it will always be around,simply because they know how times change and they know how to change with it.
 By that being said,have you seen they're Fall-Winter 2016/17 Ready-To-Wear Show?!?!? It was A-MA-ZING!!! Bow down to Karl Lagerfeld for,once again, change this known brand!