Princess Weekend

 So yesterday,I felt like a princess in my own palace.

Me and my sister (Yes,I have a sister,I will tell you that story later) and her mother (yeah! It´s quite a story) went to a palace and had tons of fun in there.

The chandeliers

  It was actually a really good way to relax (studying for tests as me on my nerves ALL THE TIME)! You guys such totally go there.Why?
  • It's a palace in wich you feel royal af
  • It's not that expensive (bonus if you have little children,since they don't pay until they´re 5 years old)
  • The food is great 
  • The garden of the palace is BEAUTIFUL 
I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves:

Outfit details:
  • Coat: My grandmother did it (something similar in ASOS)
  • White Sweater: ZARA                                   
  • Boyfriend Jeans: Old ZARA ones
  • Shoes:ReBook Original in white and blue