Lady Boss


 So It´s Mother's Day here in Portugal and I decided to tell you about my mom!
 My mom,well she's pretty amazing in every way! She's probably one of my favourite people in  the all world!
 Getting in to further stories,she was unemployed for quiet a long time and I found out that you can actually fell other people sad feelings.I would see my mom crying all day,and not sleeping at night.
 I saw my mom creating a hole which she couldn't escape from.My grandmother (her mother) discovered she had cancer! My mom had,for the first time,the thought that my grandmother could die.
 And here we are,4 years later my mom is working again,my grandmother as beaten cancer and we´re still holding on!After all,it is a good life.
 By all that being said,I want to wish you the best day ever,I love you with all my heart mommy!